A Calming Bedroom

I’m a strong proponent of the idea that spaces have an impact on one’s mood. When my clothes are strewn around our bedroom, the dining table is covered in mail, and the kitchen needs a wipedown, a feeling of panic starts to set in. Does it compel me to pick up the clothes, sort the mail, and pick … Continue reading A Calming Bedroom

A Mother’s Day Brunch at Home

If your mother is anything like mine, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to thank her sufficiently for the nearly twenty years she spent feeding you, clothing you, and tirelessly shlepping you around to friends’ houses, extracurricular activities, doctors’ appointments, you name it. So this year, when plans for Mother’s Day brunch at a restaurant fell through, I decided to ignore the fact that I’d never before hosted a meal at my apartment and have my family over for brunch. It was by no means an adequate thank you, but it was a start. Continue reading “A Mother’s Day Brunch at Home”


Welcome to Design Fare! On this blog, you’ll find my thoughts on two of my favorite things: good design and good food. I’ve been editing and managing blogs professionally for years but have always wanted to start my own as a way to explore the things I love and share them with other people. So here it … Continue reading Welcome