A Bastille Day Dinner

If it’s a holiday, there’s a very good chance I’m celebrating it. Christmas? Check. Passover? Check. National Mojito Day? Double check. So when July 14—Bastille Day—started to approach, I knew I needed a way to mark the occasion. It didn’t take me very long at all to decide that a traditional French dinner, accompanied by a glass … Continue reading A Bastille Day Dinner

Negroni with a Twist

Good news, you guys: it’s Negroni Week! At first, I thought about serving up a classic Negroni to mark the occasion, but then I realized there’d be one fairly significant hitch in that plan: one-third of a Negroni is Campari, and I’ve never been much of a Campari fan. Fortunately, however, I am very enthusiastic about Aperol, Campari’s … Continue reading Negroni with a Twist